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The Headless Woman

Back Handspring, 2013
wood, screws, archival ink-jet digital print (framed)
89 ½ x 288 x 21 ¼ inches (dimensions of sculpture)
18 x 26 7/8 inches (dimensions of framed photo)

A Fireplace and Its Mirror, 2014
stained glass, lead came, zinc came, solder, cement, painted aluminum, steel rope, digital sub-dye print on fabric
87 x 142 x 143 inches (overall dimensions)
87 x 143 x 12 inches (stained glass panels)
81 ¾ x 141 ½ inches (digital sub-dye print on fabric)

Welding With Shelly, 2014
high-definition video, 9:58 min (loop), color, sound
Dimensions vary with installation

Out at the Elbows at metro pcs

A Stain, A Cage, A Window, 2014 
stained glass, lead came, zinc came, solder, 
cement, painted aluminum, painted steel, sandbags
95" x 90" x 41"